At Pinetree, we have a vision and mission to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

By working as an agency, the value to you as a employee is that we have a very wide network of partner companies that we continuously ensure high quality standards.

We have turned recruitment upside-down by headhunting exciting companies.

We start from the individual and work proactively to match personal wishes.

What Pinetree does differently:


We meet many specialists in a variety of industries and create long-term relationships. We get to know the desires of future career choices and work proactively to find the best match possible. Many of those we've helped further in their career see it as very beneficial to get that service.


We scan the market and meet exciting companies. Since we understand their business, techniques, development opportunities, salaries, benefits, culture, etc., we can match it to individual needs and desires of future employers. This way you can avoid applying for 10 jobs and realize that 9 of them did not match your wishes.


We assist our “candidates” with deep knowledge of labor law, wages, various pension agreements etc. All to ensure that they get a good contract with good conditions. Many campanies promise a land of milk and honey... We are critical for your sake.


We have a large network and many contacts in different companies and in different industries. We are experts in promoting individual strengths and earned great confidence with our clients. This means that you, as an applicant, are not limited by your own contact network and / or become one in the number of applications. It is rather a shortcut for a meeting.


It is your employer's responsibility that your're happy in your future role. And satisfaction is subjective. It can be work environment, leadership, colleagues and a thousand other things. When for some reason you don't like it? Then it is our mission to help you further.

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